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FREE 12 Step Workbook Reveals...

We've put together the most comprehensive workbook to help you understand exactly what your ideal client wants, so that you'll be able to write more powerful, persuasive and compelling website copy and make more sales.  

It contains the exact steps we have tried and tested in some of the most competitive markets. If it works for us, it will  work for you!

  • Revealed: The 12 simple, but highly effective things that you must know about your ideal clients to convert them into paying clients...easily
  • Get the Web writing hacks that will turn your visitors from readers to customers immediately
  • Discover the secrets to writing web copy that makes your ideal clients feel compelled to sign up to your list, register for your webinar, or click the "buy now" button.

This workbook will show you:

What your ideal client really really wants...

When you know exactly who your ideal client is and exactly what they want, you'll finally, be able write web copy to  attract and engage the right clients, who are desperate for your service and ready to buy  from you!

How to set yourself apart from your competition...

There are 12 things you need to know about your ideal clients but knowing this ONE thing and using it in your web copy will set you apart,  bring you a ton of leads and double your conversion rates!

What motivates your ideal client to buy...

Understand the real reasons that are motivating your clients' buying decisions so you can write copy that positions your offer as the fulfilment of their motivation

How to find relevant keywords your ideal client is using...

Make it easier for your ideal clients to discover you when you're able to write web copy that "talks their language".

You'll never ever be unsure again of what your ideal client wants!

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