Your Online Presence Must Work For You...

So we’re on a mission to help 3000 businesses to double their business over the next 5 years

By ensuring you reach the right people, with the right message, using the right platforms at the right time!

Who is WebWriting Lab?

WebWriting Lab is a Premium Copywriting Service & Internet Marketing Agency, based in Birmingham UK.

Our mission is to help Small Businesses, Web Developers, Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants to double their businesses in record time!

Our Successful Strategy - It Works!

  • Knowing Your Ideal Clients. 
    This is the most important part of the process and where we spend a lot of time getting to know, really know ALL the things we need to know about your ideal clients. Because if you get this part wrong, then everything else fails.  Knowing your ideal clients and what they truly desire (not just the surface desires) is what will set your company apart and give you a competive edge.  
  • Effective articulation of the deeper and real value that you offer your clients  
    We'll take time to unpick your offer / your service or product to find the "unique gem" that it offers AND what your clients really desire...Because we know that your clients are not buying your product or service,  just for the sake of buying your product or service.  They're buying the transformation, so we must find the transformation they're looking for and articulate that in your copy.  And when you do that you'll begin to see the magic unfold and you'll start making more money!
  • Marketing your services or products specifically to your ideal clients, who are desperate for your service and ready to buy! - 
    Now that we have your messaging right, it's just a matter of reach.  If you have a great product or service, then it’s just about knowing who would need it and will benefit from it, then putting it infront of these people.

So whether you’re a Business Owner that hasn’t got the time...the expertise… or the headspace, to write or re-write persuasive and professional copy for your website. Or to write Sales Letters, Blog or Emails to your subscriber list...because you're embarrassed by your website and it's not working for you!

…Or you’re a Web Developer, that want’s a faster ROI for your client, so you get more referrals, boost your customer base and expand your business…but your client doesn't understand how to write great SEO website copy.

...Or a Freelancer. Coach or Consultant …frustrated and demoralised because of all the time, money and effort you've invested in setup your business, but you’re not getting “Yeses” from your web copy, and you want a consistent flow of clients, so that you can keep your business alive and make a bigger impact in the world

Our mission is to help you to achieve just that - so you can double the size of your business in record time!

Let’s just say; Web Writing Lab is an unfair advantage for Small Businesses, Freelancers, Web Developers, Coaches and Consultants!

A Little Backstory About Our Founder...

It was summer 2013 when the world of Independent Business Consultancy beckoned to Nichole and she said goodbye to her corporate life, having successfully worked her way up from an IT Network Engineer to a successful IT Manager, with responsibility for managing large teams of IT Technical Experts and delivering major IT projects. 

Nichole was nervous, but found the courage to step out, hoping that her years of corporate training and experience as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, a Business Analyst and Prince 2 Practitioner Project Manager along with her positive can do attitude, her faith in God and her ability to learn quickly would be an advantage to her new clients.

She wanted more freedom and more time to spend with her two small children, her husband and her ageing mom...and she wanted to earn more money.

Since then Nichole has been successfully helping businesses across the private and 3rd sector, from startups to established businesses to grow...

But she noticed that although her clients' offers great services and products, if they're not speaking to the right clients, with the right message, throught the right platform at the right time - they'll fail

 There was a gap and Nichole wanted to fill it...so her clients could enjoy even more success!

Nichole wanted to add more value to her clients...

Nichole‘s always had a love for Copywriting having proven time and time again that the power of w-o-r-d-s, when used systematically will truly get you anything. 

So In 2015 she decided to enrol with AWAI (American Writers and Artist Institute) and trained as a “Direct Response Copywriter” and a “Web Writer”.  Then she went on to train further as a SEO Strategist and a Website Auditor, as she believes that writing for the web without the understanding of SEO is a total waste of time and money.

She believes so much in the power of Copywriting & Internet Marketing, so much so, that she pivoted her business and setup WebWriting Lab - a Copywriting and Internet Marketing Business (including Social Media Management), and has been writing successful web copies, direct response sales letters, email auto responders and sales letters for a lot of businesses.

Nichole is so passionate about the power of great copywriting and finds it difficult to ignore poor advertising sales copy, that she’s known for reaching out to small business owners that post on social media to give them a few tips on how to improve their copy and better positions their offer, so they can attract their ideal client and achieve  sales…

If you follow Nichole you will gain insight to copywriting, digital marketing, sales, business growth, business development, and personal development that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Nichole has a unique gift for Marketing and Copywriting -

She “gets into the head of the prospect” that she’s writing to, and build an emotional connection through her writing, which hooks the reader in and makes them feel safe enough to take the action she wants them to take”.

Here’s why we do what we do...


- We Strongly Believe That Your Online Presence Must Work For You.

- We’ve seen what the magical powers of great copywriting + great marketing can do for a businesses...

- And, we want to use this money making gift of copywriting, web writing and Internet Marketing to help smaller businesses that are struggling to break through the noise and reach their ideal customers, so they can double their business and win...and it's easier than you think!


Here’s what we believe...

We Strongly Believe That Your Online Presence Must Work For You.

We believe that business is about human relationships first! So we focus on building relationships first!

We believe you cannot write a compelling and persuasive copy if you don’t take the time to know your target audience first!

We believe a great design with bad copy will always fail.

We believe that if you have a great product or service and it’s not selling - it’s because you have a messaging and targeting problem, which can be fixed easily.

We too believe that with great power comes great responsibility -  Great Copywriters have great powers and should use it responsibly

We too believe that WebWriting Lab is blessed with the Midas touch!

We believe great copy gives you a competitive edge and lets you outperform your competitor - everytime!

We believe in growth, development, innovation and continuous testing

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